“Rent a Liz Strick Painting”

“Rent a Liz Strick Painting”

Have you ever wanted to have a genuine “Liz Strick” to hang on your wall, or even to own one?

As of today it is possible to loan one or more  of my artworks directly out of my own private home collection.

Visit my website to find out what is still available or whichever one you like and/or make your choice accordingly.

Please contact me via private message to ask  about the conditions & more info to make this happen!

Rental Conditions

“Rent a Liz Strick painting” works as follows:

* You choose a painting from my website (www.lizstrick.com) and make a note of the sales price.

* You pay a fee of 1% of the sales price per month and the rental period always is 1 or more quarters.

* The fee should be paid in advance for the whole rental period requested by you. Extending the rental period requires prior agreement, possibly resulting in changed conditions

* You have the option to buy the rented painting for a reduced price within one month after the rental period has expired, provided you have informed the lender about your intention to buy prior to the end of the rental period. If you exercise your option on time you are entitled to a reduced sales price. A rental period of 1 quarter entitles you to a reduction of 3%; a longer rental period will reduce the sales price by 5%.

* The renter is responsible and liable for loss, theft and damage of the rented painting from the time of signing the rental contract. In the event of loss, theft and damage of the rented painting the renter will be responsible for paying the sales price to lender.