fineliner on paper, 2016

15 x 10 cm


In 2014 I suffered a severe stroke with partial and permanent paralysis as a result.

For an artist this is a tremendous, almost insurmountable, setback! Art took up an essential part of my life up until I suffered the stroke. Art always had a central place in my heart and in my head.

After years of continued physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation, it is hard to explain what happened when I was eventually prompted by my physiotherapist to start using my left paralysed hand for what I had alway loved doing best all my life: art. He gave me back my life and the gift of hope! It is a gift more valuable than I could have thought.

Energy started flowing through my body and I had found my own way to overcome the ‘impossible’: drawing with my lame left hand!

“Energy” was born and is here to stay. 

*This artwork  will be printed on the book cover of “Master Arabic” by Alex Strick van Linschoten with Saba Imtiaz

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