Press Release

Press Release

Invitation to attend an exhibition at my home: Plan B
Liz Strick

If things don’t go as planned, you switch to plan B.
That’s what an artist Liz Strick did when she had to deal with breast cancer and, soon after, a
stroke that left her flat on her face.

Life was not easy, and painting was hardest of all. With a lame left side, her career as an artist
seemed to be over. But Liz lives to paint and paintings are her life. It has always been like that. Liz
found a way to pass through her difficulties. As a person and as an artist, she always seeks to
reinvent and repurpose. Liz has begun to use her lame hand again and has created some beautiful
and moving works of art.
To the house
Exhibiting outdoors doesn’t really work at the moment. Through trial and error and with the help of
many friends, she has managed to organise an exhibition at home with an overview of her recent
work. This work consists mainly of collages and mix media on paper. These are items that have
been created through a great force of willpower!

As the exhibition is being held at home in Liz’s house, visits should be made by appointment. You
are cordially invited to come and view it. Liz’s work can also be seen on her website (
and is available for sale.

Address: Veenpluis 16, The Hague

Tel nr: 0655555476