Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy a painting. What do I do?

Please complete the form next to the desired work of art. I will then get in touch with you to discuss the details of your potential purchase.

Is the frame included in the price?

No this is not the case, unless it is specifically specified alongside the painting. Choosing a frame for a painting is a personal matter, although I can advise you about the various options. If desired I can arrange  to order a simple natural wooden frame to the dimensions of your chosen painting for you.

Are prices of the paintings including shipment costs ?

Prices listed on the website do not include shipment costs.

Are prices on the website including VAT?

Prices listed on the website include 6% VAT.

What are shipment costs for postcards ?

Shipment costs for postcards within the Netherlands are free. For all other foreign countries the normal postal tariffs apply.

What are the shipment costs for paintings?

Shipment costs for artwork depend on various factors such as the dimensions of the painting, packaging method, the destination country. In addition it is possible to purchase insurance for the shipment. Please contact me to obtain further information on the exact shipment costs.

What payment methods do you offer?

Payment is possible through a bank/wire transfer or using PayPal. Please contact me regarding further payment details.

What are the costs for postcards, wishing cards, posters, brochures and/or art books?

  • Postcards: € 1 Euro p.p. / Set of 6 cards: €5
  • Wishing cards€ 2 p.p. / Set of 6 wishing cards: € 10
  • Afghanistan series: Set of 6 cards, in a cellophane sleeve: € 5.
    Proceeds of these cards will go 100% to the Utran Kili Project in Afghanistan.
  • A2 Poster: € 3.50 p.p.( currently only available for “Australian Sunset”)
  • Brochure of Turkish paintings: € 5 p.p.
  • Art booklet of the complete Afghanistan series: € 7.50 euro, available in Dutch & English while stocks last.
  • Artbook of complete Lebanon series: € 22.50 Euro, available in Dutch & English while stocks last.

Do you do commissioned work and how does that work?

Yes, I  do take on commissions. During a first meeting we can discuss your wishes and ideas. If your work relates to a specific location, I may try and visit the place. I can also work based on photographs of, for instance, your favorite memories or locations and bring to them to life as never before.

Because the execution of the commission is dependent on whether I think I can do something with it, the commission will be done on freelance basis. If you do not feel it meets your expectations you do not have to buy it, with the exception of a once off set amount for placing an order for a commissioned work of art.