2018 Love Letters from Liz-series


This series initially came to life out of desperation,

followed by gratitude!

Desperation, because of my perception that my life and environment had become increasingly limited after 2014, when I had a stroke that left with me with paralysis and brain-damage as a result.

There was a tangible shift in my life. I became limited in carrying out many matters – physically as well as mentally – like actions that I was previously able to carry out easily like handling material, problems solving… etc

After many years of rehabilitation, I came to a conclusion about what helps best in Surviving: To work from within my own comfort-zone (without too many stimuli from the outside world)!

Only since implementing that rule in my daily life, did it resulted in a certain amount of acceptance. I came closer to myself !

Peace returned… and the idea to work on a smaller scale was born!

The series of Envelope & Gem Cards began to take shape from the very first envelope I made: “The Letter of Love to myself” It carried a personal floral message to myself that read: “Keep going, you’re on the right track, this is what you’ve deserved and what you have worked for all those years!” The message deeply moved me and left a deep lasting impression

With gratitude for all the people, family, friends, volunteers, and professionals that carried and supported me!

I was able to thank them by means of my gem-cards and envelopes – even though it is a small gesture, it felt important to me!

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