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Cloud Series

A series of images taken in the summer of 2020 by Liz Strick. This collection of photographs invites you to experience life — from a new perspective

Heaven on Earth

A series of 80 images taken in the summer of 2020 by Liz Strick.

These images represent an intense change in my existence. It is a portrayal of a spiritual experience brought on by events in my personal life and deep introspection. Our collective confinement over these past few months has given new meaning to the importance of the space we inhabit. For some of us, the only way we can still experience nature is by looking out of a window.

Clouds began to hold new meaning for me at a different period of confinement. Several years ago, I was confined to my bed as I recovered from a stroke. The only thing that I could still do, immobilized and in pain, was to watch the clouds pass by, and the skies change. The impact of those events still plays out in my daily life and in my work.

Being limited to one fully functioning hand makes it difficult to create art and capture photographs. That is why this series holds deep significance.

These images are a form of visual enlightenment. They force the viewer to see the familiar backdrop of our lives differently. Captured on camera, one can see that these every day formations of clouds take on familiar, but meaningful forms. They appear as every day objects and omens, as the souls of the past and present emerging from the skies. Sometimes comforting, sometimes forbidding, these messages from the heavens offer a glimpse into what may lie beyond. Across the skies, as I have been able to witness and experience, a tableau is playing out. A circle of life begins and ends. Familiar faces and ideas appear and disappear.

The skies invite you to experience life — from a new perspective.

July 2020

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