• Per Aspera Ad Astra

    Showing from February 26, 2018  until  February  2019


    Huisartsenpraktijk de Noot Hagelaan 1, Nootdorp

    Opening hours: every week-day between 11 am – 1.30 pm (except on the weekend)

    *Artwork will be on display for period of of one year and  will be available for sale as long as stocks last!

    Through Hardships to the Stars

    A Liz Strick exhibition

    An exhibition built from willpower, ambition and the will to survive: the true source of inner strength.

    Liz Strick: “I live for painting. My paintings are my life.”

    Liz Strick could never have known the extent to which these words would become a reality. In 2013 her life changed completely after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer and then succumbing to heart failure and a stroke. The stroke brought permanent partial paralysis of her left hand as a result in 2014. In 2015 she fractured her hip.

    After five heavy years of rehab and physiotherapy eventually THE ART OF LIZ STRICK appeared. It brought her back to life. Art could be used as a form of therapy!

    Liz has always worked from her feelings. Her current work is expressionist in its design. (In the past it was more impressionistic, her landscapes in oil).

    The willpower to create a form of cooperation between both hands was an incentive for the brain: ‘miraculous’ abstract works could arise in the form of paintings on paper with mixed techniques and a characteristic fine line play. There were also various collages.

    Liz’s work can be found on her website: lizstrick.com. In addition to offering sales, those interested can also borrow art work on loan for display in the home.

    Veenpluis 16
    Den Haag
    0655555476 (studio visits by appointment only!)

    *The design of this announcement was made by studiozomereik.nl based on the artwork and the “Maze” by Liz Strick.

    *The exhibition shows my personal story, from illness to rebirth, through and thanks to Art!

    Liz Strick
  • Parels van Ypenburg 2017

    29 October 2017

    10.30 am: The opening of exhibition will take place at the Library of Ypenburg by Stadsdeel Director Anita Vos-Tijdhof.

    Schrabber 8

    2596 SR Den Haag

    *12 am until 5 pm

    For more info: parelsvanypenburg.nl

    This year , I take part in this yearly event at the house of  Hanneke Lambeck, (sculptress) together on the same location:

    Bosrank 6

    Ypenburg 2496 VT

    I’ll be putting  my most recent work of 2017 on show.

    All welcome!

    Liz Strick
  • Parels van Ypenburg 2017

    29 October 2017

    Opening will take place  10.30 am at Bibliotheek van Ypenburg by Stadsdeel Directeur Anita Vos-Tijdhof.

    (This is also the place where you can collect the route-maps & info)

    Schrabber 8

    2596 SR Den Haag

    Timetable: 29 Oktober 2017 12 am – 5 pm

    This year, 2017, I’ll take part in this exhibition, at the house of Hanneke Lambeck, (sculptress) together at  the same location:

    Bosrank 6

    2496 VT Ypenburg

    *I’ll be showing my  most recent 2017 work

    All welcome!

    For  info: parelsvanypenburg.nl


    Liz Strick
  • “Plan B” (Liz Strick-in-home-gallery-exhibition)

     *Note: By popular demand, this exhibition has been EXTENDED up to 28 February 2017!

    Proud to invite you to my “Plan B” in-home gallery exhibition!

    Plan B” (in-home-gallery-exhibition) is an exhibition made of sheer willpower, ambition and the will to live: the real source of inner Strength!

    The gallery will be open: Dec 1 2016 until January 30 2017

    by appointment ONLY (06-55555476).

    Liz Strick Gallery in Home

    Veenpluis 16

    2498 AK Den Haag

    The Netherlands

    *Response/feedback to exhibition :

    Direct Left Power

    “A short while back I visited Liz Strick’s Plan B home exhibition.

    I first met Liz at the 2013 ZomerExpo and had not seen her since, though we kept in touch via e-mail. She has had some issues in her life and has had to re-invent herself, both personally and as an artist. One major setback was the loss of the use of one hand to work with, which, certainly for an artist, is a rather crippling disability.

    Against all the odds she has started re-using her paralysed hand and has produced some stunning and very moving works with it. I remember having to draw with my ‘wrong’ hand during my years at the academy. It forces you to look and draw more precisely, not relying too much on your routine. For Liz, this must be the same experience and she not only copes very well, the resulting works are awesome indeed! So much so that I could not resist buying one of them.

    I whole-heartedly invite any visitors to this site to call on Liz and make an appointment to come and see her work. Be gentle with her, give her all your patience and buy her work. You will not regret it!”

    Dolf Middelhoff, image maker


    Liz Strick
  • Parels van Ypenburg 2016


    Opening: 30 Oktober 2016: 11.00 uur at Library of  Ypenburg,Schrabber 8, The Hague.

    Pearl-day is  running from 12 am until 5 pm. this year I,(pearl nr 26)  will participate at the following  location : Bosrank 6, Den Haag/Ypenburg at  the home of sculptress  Hanneke Lambeck (pearl nr  25)  together with landscape painter:  Patty Nollet (parel nr 27)

    On this location you will be able to see the  artworks  from the above 3 artists in  a variety of style from hard stone sculpture to abstract  collages/drawings on paper  and landscape painting..

    Voor meer info: www.parelsvanypenburg.nl

    Liz Strick
  • Parels van Ypenburg 2015

    for more info: www.parelsvanypenburg.nl


    Liz Strick
  • van Rembrandt tot 3D-print

    Poster Thema-expositie

    “van Rembrandt tot 3D-print”  Exposition

    Galerie ArtiBrak, Voorburg

     2 September t/m 4 October 2015

    Opening: 5 September 2015 , 4pm

    by  Marc Renckens, bestuurslid ArtiBrak

    Galerie ArtiBrak

    Herenstraat 44

    2271CH Voorburg

    Opening  hours: Wednesday,Friday  & Sunday  inclusive: 13.00 17.00 uur

    Saturday: 11am – 5 pm

    Liz Strick
  • ZomerExpo 2015 “Wild”

    11 July until  20 September 2015

    Opening: 11 July 2015

    Gemeente Museum, Den Haag

    Stadhouderslaan 41

    2517 HV Den Haag

    This year there were a thousand entries for this year’s JubileeEdition ZomerExpo 2015 “Woest”.  Out of these 1000 works, 475 paintings  were selected to be hung and 22 sculptures to be placed in the Museum gardens of the Gemeente Museum in the Hague.

    On May 18 2015, the jury pre-selections took place in Tilburg. My monoprint “North Yorkshire Moors” passed the selections immediately in order to be hung in the ZomerExpo 2015 at the Gemeente Museum from July 11 until  September 20, 2015.

    Liz Strick
  • Bieslandhof Exhibition

    Expositie Bieslandhof, Delft (12 April – 30 April 2014)

    Opening on 3 October at 14.30.

    The exhibition will run until 30 October.


    Bieslandhof Rehabilitation Centre,

    Beukenlaan 2



    For more info and directions: http://pietervanforeest.nl/wonen-zorg/verpleeghuiszorg/de-bieslandhof/

    Liz Strick
  • Little Treasures 2014 – Bologna, Italy

    Little Treasures 2014 – Bologna, Italy

    12 April – 24 April 2014
    Opening: 12 April at 5.30 pm until 7 pm

    Galleria De Marchi
    Via De Marchi 19b

    International Art Exhibition of the mini format (20 x 20 cm)

    For more info: www.trevisan-international-art.com

    Liz Strick
  • National Art Days 2014

    8 & 9 November 2014

    Ahoy Rotterdam
    Ahoy-weg 10
    3084 BA Rotterdam


    Entrance on both days from 11 am until 5.30 pm

    When the time comes I shall have some free entrance tickets available. Contact me when you wish to get some.

    During the National Art Days the artists who were most admired at the Regional Art Days shall exhibit their work.

    N.B. unfotunately I have had to cancel my participation for  this venue, due to the fact that I have not sufficiently recovered enough since having suffered my stroke.

    Liz Strick
  • Regional Art Day Arnhem

    Sunday 2 February 2014, 1 pm until 5.30 pm.

    Koningsstraat 38
    6811 DG Arnhem

    I shall be showing four of my most recent cancer related abstract paintings on that day.

    The public can cast a vote on three of their most favourite artists, who, when they get enough votes, will be able to exhibit at the Van Nelle Ontwerp fabriek in November 2014.

    I have a several free entrance tickets available, first come , first served. Please do contact me if you are interested and I can send them to you.

    For more information please visit: Regionale Kunstdag Arnhem

    Liz Strick
  • Singer Laren

    For the duration of the retrospective exhibition on Henry le Sadiner in the Singer Laren Museum, one of my paintings is hanging in the Brink Gallery of the Museum. Theme: Holiday memories. The exhibition lasts until 19 January.

    Opening times Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 5 pm. 

    Oude Drift
    1251 BS Laren
    The Netherlands

    Liz Strick
  • Wintersalon 2013 Koningkerk

    7 December- 29 December 2013

    Opening by ds Jan van der Wolff van Wijkgemeente De Open Hof:  7 December 2013 at 3.30 pm

    Bruijnings Ingenhoeslaan 2
    2273 KR Voorburg

    Open every Wednesday – Sunday from 2pm until 5pm (with the exception of 25 December 2013)

    Liz Strick
  • Vincer Financial Advisors B.V.

    Recently there are 5 paintings on show at the office of Vincer Financial Advisors B.V.
    The paintings are accessible to clients of Vincer only.

    Liz Strick
  • National Art Days 2013

    During the National Art Day 210 artists, who were previously selected during the Regional Art Days 2013 as the most appreciated artists, present their work.

    Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam

    Opening hours:
    Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November 2013
    from 11.00 am until 5.30 pm

    Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek
    Van Nelleweg 1
    3044 BC Rotterdam


    The Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek is a special, beautiful and industrial monument. In the olden days coffee, tea and tabacco were produced in the factory , whereas nowadays special events, like the National Art Days, take place on the premises.

    Liz Strick
  • Groene Hart Kunstprijs 2013

    Theme for 2013: “Groene Hart, Kloppend Hart!”

    Date: 12 Oktober – 8 November 2013

    Koetshuis / Galerie en Beeldenpark Hoeve Rijlaarsdam
    Nieuwveenseweg 59

    De Groene Hart Kunstprijs is a prize that is granted every two years by the Foundation Kunstpromotie Groen Hart to Amateur and professional artists in The Netherlands.

    11 oktober: Opening of the exhibition and Prizegiving took place at Galerie en Beeldenpark Hoeve Rijlaarsdam, Nieuwveenseweg 59 te Nieuwkoop by Jan Franssen, Commissioner of the King in Zuid Holland.

    Groene Hart Kunstprijs 2013 for Professionals – Amateurs.
    Prijsuitreiking vond plaats op vrijdag 11 okt 2013, 20.00 uur

    Rabo Publieksprijs
    The Public that visited the exhibition in Nieuwkoop selected and voted for their most favorite work, results of which were translated into the the Rabo Publieksprijs-winner.

    Prizegiving took place on 3 november 2013 at 4 pm.

    KNST Online Groene Hart Kunstprijs 2013
    Prizegiving took place 3 november 2013 a 4 pm
    For final results ONLINE prize
    For final results Groen Hart Prize & Rabo Publieks prijs

    In 2013 the KNST ONLINE exhibition for the Groene Hart Kunstprijs was facilitated by www.KNST.nl in order for there being available a KNST Groene Hart ONLINE Kunstprijs 2013 as well.

    For further info: www.groenehartkunst.nl

    Liz Strick
  • Girls of 50 +

    Graafse weg 274
    6532 ZV Nijmegen

    11 October – 4 April 2014
    Free entrance Mon – Fri 8.30 am – 5 pm

    For more information: Meisjes van 50+

    Liz Strick
  • Fluwel’s Tulpenland Exposition

    Theme of this exposition is the Tulip and everything that is related to the tulip. I participate with two Tulip paintings!

    20 June until 1 August 2013

    Opening: 21 June 2013 between 4 pm and 6 pm.

    Fluwel’s Tulpenland
    Belkmerweg 65
    1753 GD St Maartenszee, NH


    Liz Strick
  • Summer Exhibition 2013 at the Gemeentemuseum The Hague

    June – 15 September 2013. Theme: Earth

    Official opening was on June 8 at 6 pm

    For the general public the exposition was open from June 9, 2013 onwards

    The Gemeentemuseum in The Hague and Stichting ArtWorlds have organized the ‘Summer Expo’ for the third year in a row. The country’s largest visual arts exhibition was put together through an open invitation for artworks.

    Established and non-established artists competed for a space in the ‘Summer Expo 2013’. The theme for submissions was ‘Earth’. 1700 artists contributed around 3000 individual works of art. The exhibition will be held from June 8 to September 15 in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. The pre-selections took place in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

    This year 239 works were offered for sale in the museum. Just like in London’s Royal Academy of the Arts Summer Exhibition, this show will allow the general public to purchase the artworks. The organization wants to encourage the general public to buy art and it also offers artists the chance to sell their work to a larger public audience.

    Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
    Stadhouderslaan 43
    2517 HV
    Den Haag
    Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11 am tot 6 pm

    My painting ‘Beyond Borders’ was selected during the pre-selection round in Rotterdam on April 6. During the course of the exhibition you had the opportunity to vote for my artwork or any of the other artworks. On the last day of the exhibition was a Prize Giving Ceremony to celebrate the most nominated work of art selected by the public.

    Liz Strick