“Plan B” (Liz Strick-in-home-gallery-exhibition)

“Plan B” (Liz Strick-in-home-gallery-exhibition)

 *Note: By popular demand, this exhibition has been EXTENDED up to 28 February 2017!

Proud to invite you to my “Plan B” in-home gallery exhibition!

Plan B” (in-home-gallery-exhibition) is an exhibition made of sheer willpower, ambition and the will to live: the real source of inner Strength!

The gallery will be open: Dec 1 2016 until January 30 2017

by appointment ONLY (06-55555476).

Liz Strick Gallery in Home

Veenpluis 16

2498 AK Den Haag

The Netherlands

*Response/feedback to exhibition :

Direct Left Power

“A short while back I visited Liz Strick’s Plan B home exhibition.

I first met Liz at the 2013 ZomerExpo and had not seen her since, though we kept in touch via e-mail. She has had some issues in her life and has had to re-invent herself, both personally and as an artist. One major setback was the loss of the use of one hand to work with, which, certainly for an artist, is a rather crippling disability.

Against all the odds she has started re-using her paralysed hand and has produced some stunning and very moving works with it. I remember having to draw with my ‘wrong’ hand during my years at the academy. It forces you to look and draw more precisely, not relying too much on your routine. For Liz, this must be the same experience and she not only copes very well, the resulting works are awesome indeed! So much so that I could not resist buying one of them.

I whole-heartedly invite any visitors to this site to call on Liz and make an appointment to come and see her work. Be gentle with her, give her all your patience and buy her work. You will not regret it!”

Dolf Middelhoff, image maker